September 6th 2019


September 7th & 8th 2019


Architecture and heritage lovers, art and history enthusiasts and anyone wanting to learn more about their city, mark your calendars on September 6th, 7th, and 8th 2019 to visit the city of 100 steeples.

Discover the interiors of unique and diverse sites of art and memory—true testimonies to Montreal’s rich and vibrant history!


Photo : Église Saint-François-d'Assise


Promotional Video

Let Marc-André Carignan be your guide during this short video to get a glimpse at the places you can discover during Montreal’s Religious Heritage Days, on September 6th, 7th, and 8th 2019. Five of the sites participating in the event are featured in the video.

Director: Benoit Ouellet (Bungo Films)
Coordinator: Hélène Santoni (Passerelles, A Heritage Cooperative)


Guided Bus Tours

Register starting now to reserve your spot on one of the six guided bus routes.

Three routes are offered on Saturday and three other routes on Sunday. Two of these routes (one on each day) are tailored specifically to persons with limited mobility.

Saturday September 7th

·      East Loop 1 “The Cape at Island’s End”

·      East Loop 2 “The City’s Blue-collar, French-speaking Soul”

·      Accessible Loop 1 “Westmount and NDG”

Sunday September 8th

·      North Loop “Where Old and Modern Meet“

·      West Loop “The West-Island “

·      Accessible Loop 2 “Downtown“


Close to 70 sites to discover



Through this initiative we hope to bring visitors, be they Montrealers, Quebecers, or visitors from elsewhere, to discover the artistic, architectural, and historical wealth of these little-known and in some instances difficult to access spaces.



The Ulysse travel guide Montréal, un patrimoine religieux à découvrir is a staple companion for any local or visitor looking to get better acquainted with Montreal’s religious heritage. We will be distributing some extracts of this text to educate participants about the wealth and diversity of Montreal’s many cultures and traditions. The event also aims expand religious heritage’s general visibility and that of the cultural communities that are affiliated with it across Montreal’s neighborhoods.



Activities and cultural mediation connected to the event contribute to a schedule including several interpretive activities emphasizing the appropriation and appreciation of heritage.